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Reduce energy costs & protect the environment

Innovative LED Technology

Within the scope of climate change the highly qualified specialist company LOBS.LED CCC is characterized by its ability to implement effective sustainability concepts with innovative LED Technology.

As a member of the competence team at the university of Aachen, LOBS.LED CCC is responsible for the issue „Energy - efficient building with LED Lighting“. With more than 13 years of experience in the LED Technology and successful execution of numerous projects the company guarantees a trustful cooperation including identification of needs, choice of quality LED products and involvement of suitable needed experts.

Customer specific lighting concepts are developed by LOBS.LED CCC interacting with architects, constructional engineers, technical building equipment specialists and facility managers. The company provides a transparent and comprehensible view of energy-, maintenance- and setup expenses, economic viability calculations, as well as the rate of CO2-emission reduction.

LOBS.LED projects

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Components easy to assemble - disassemble / upgradable and recyclable by the end-user

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Future projects

Exclusive Coordination of energy-saving light and technical installations by LOBS.LED CCC

With 265 m in diameter and 9 floors the Colosseum is not only the biggest automobile adventure world, it is even the biggest round and at the same time it will be the most environmental friendly building in the world.

Property size
Dimension of building
Floor space
Building diameter
Height of building
Underground garage levels
592.000 qm
400.000 qm
55.000 qm
265 m
84 m
9 m
3 m

Profile - Elisabeth Schüßler-Kemper

Mrs. Elisabeth Schüßler-Kemper, herself mother of two grown up kids, was born into a middle class family of entrepreneurs (construction industry) in 1954. After studies in English and related experience abroad at the university of Calgary / Alberta / Canada for one year, studying educational psychology and law she graduated in law (first and second examination). Since 1988 she is working as a lawyer providing focused consultancy services in small and medium sized companies to meet the goal of early involvement of managerial decisions. In 2001 together with 2 partners she founded the company rehlectro GmbH, mother company of LOBS.LED Deutschland GmbH. After 13 years of experience in the development of LED technology and completion of numerous successful projects in 2013 she established the management consultancy called LOBS.LED Climate Change Consultancy (CCC), responsible for its destiny until today.




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Elisabeth Schüßler-Kemper
Sachsenstr. 28
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